About Us

Long, long ago before SynapStix was born, the two creators were adversaries in a high school biology class. Laugel was the smart nerd who studied hard and eventually became a doctor, and Irvin was the annoying class delinquent who copied from her biology exams. Their classroom proximity enabled Irvin to graduate from detention and go on to earn a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

Laugel   Irvin

Many years later, Irvin contacted Laugel about a high school reunion - but nerds do not like partying with annoying people from their past, so she declined. She did, however, peruse some of Irvin's artwork and concluded that he'd made the right career choice.

When Laugel began building a new pediatric office, she had the idea to construct abstract interior graphics that would create an adventure through the human body, and that the adventure should be led by story characters. She remembered Irvin the Artist and the fact that he still owed her for those biology grades...

Office Art

The creators recognized that their ideas would be fun for kids in other spaces and places, and in November 2010, they formed...

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